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Which one should I build? A carport or a garage?

If you own a car, you’ll know that purchasing one is a significant investment. To ensure that our cars stay in good condition over time, it’s extremely important to protect and maintain them. One of the best ways to protect your car when it’s not in use is to park it either underneath a carport or in a garage. This ensures that your car is safe from the harsh Australian climate and stays in good condition for years to come. Living in Melbourne, our cars are exposed to all kinds of weather conditions, so covering your car when you’re not driving it is the best way to keep it safe. But if you don’t own an undercover area for your car, how do you decide between building a garage or a carport in Melbourne? Today we’ll discuss some of the benefits of both garages and carports.


Simple, affordable construction

One of the greatest things about a carport is that they are relatively easy to build. This means that they can be installed quickly by a professional, and you can start protecting your car sooner rather than later. In comparison to a garage, they will require much less time to build, and they will require fewer permits. Building a garage can be a long and tedious process, where as a carport can be installed within a matter of days. The other great advantage to carports in Melbourne is that in comparison, they are extremely affordable. If you don’t have the money or the resources to build a garage (which could cost upwards of $45,000), then a Colourbond carport is a great option. If you’re looking for cheap carports in Melbourne you can visit the Undercover Concepts contact page here. We’d love to provide you with a free quote and discuss your carport plans.

Protects your car from weather conditions

If the number one reason you’re looking to build either a garage or a carport is to protect your car, a carport offers exactly that. It provides a shelter that will protect your car from the elements. There are both open-air and enclosed carports, providing options that will go a step further in protecting your car. Creating a roof or a canopy over your car will prevent your paint from chipping, leather interiors from cracking and hail damage. Don’t leave your car out in the open! Keep it safe with a brand-new carport in Melbourne.

Convenience and space

Carports can be customised to suit a range of vehicles. Whether you have a truck, car or a motorcycle, you can design a carport to suit your needs. Larger carports can also be great for storing trailers and boats. You could even store firewood or other belongings underneath your carport to keep them out of the rain. The flexibility of a carport allows you to create a convenient design that will match your lifestyle. The open-air nature of a carport also removes the need for doors, allowing you to move freely into your vehicle whenever you leave the house.


Increased security for storage

Whilst you can store things under your carport, it’s true that a garage offers more protection for your belongings. Garages can feature locks so that your valuables can be stored inside. There are even some garage doors on the market that are resistant to force making it impossible for criminals to break in. However, this security comes with a price, with garages being much more expensive to install than carports. If you have no storage room left in your house and you have the money, then a garage could be the option for you. Just ensure that you’re conscious of the price.

Adds value to your property

A garage is an expensive investment, which is why they can add some value to your property. Home buyers are more inclined to buy a home with a garage if they can afford it, as garages are quite standard across many homes. They can also be designed to be very aesthetically pleasing, which can attract further attention from buyers. Whilst it may add value, a garage can take a significant amount of time to build. This can leave your investment suspended in the air for months whilst it is built. If you’re looking for the fastest installation time, a carport can be installed in a matter of days.

Could be converted into a living area

As a garage is an enclosed building, it’s very possible that you can convert it into a living area at some stage. Some renovation work could turn an unused garage into a bedroom. Simply adding some regular doors, windows and flooring could transform your garage into a comfortable space. However, the building requirements are particularly strict when it comes to the construction and renovation of a garage. This is due to the size and the nature of the garage. If it is converted into a living area, you will be unable to list it as an extra bedroom when selling your house if the roof is under 2.4 metres tall. To read more about planning policies regarding garages and carports, you can visit the Victorian planning website.

Undercover Concepts: Affordable carport builders in Melbourne

If you’re thinking about purchasing a new carport for your home, look no further than our team of outdoor specialists at Undercover Concepts. From the initial planning to the final touches, we’ll have your carport installed quickly and hassle-free. We build inexpensive carports in Melbourne for many of our satisfied customers. If you’re still not convinced, you can read some testimonials from our happy clients to find out why we’re the most reliable carport builders in Melbourne. You can get in touch with our team of specialists by visiting our contact page here.

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