Is decking cheaper than paving?

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Decking vs paving: Which is cheaper?

Do you have a great outdoor space that you’re not sure how to renovate? Should you build a deck? Should you pave the courtyard? Both options have their own benefits, as well as potential drawbacks. They are both capable of transforming a bare and empty backyard into an entertainer’s dream, providing a nice spot to sit back and relax on those warm summer evenings. However, choosing which option to go with can be a difficult decision. One of the main considerations for home owners is the cost of the renovation. Today, we’re going to explore which option is cheaper, decking or paving? Let’s jump into it.

What’s the difference Between Decking and Paving?

Before we take a look at the prices, we’ll make a distinction between the two options. If you’re not a big DIY person, you may not be aware of the differences. Decking is essentially a raised, single or multi-space structure that is constructed from timber or timber composite. Paving on the other hand is constructed at ground level, utilising stone, brick, concrete or tiles. Both options provide space to place furniture and other items, rather than just having a grass or dirt patch in the backyard (or front yard).

Paving Cost Per M| How Much Does Paving Cost?

Ultimately, a paved patio is cheaper than decking. At least in terms of size. The average price to install a paved patio could cost between $40 to $100. It could cost around $45 to $75 for plain concrete pavers, $55 to $90 for coloured concrete, or $100 for a stencilled finish. This is excluding the construction costs however, which are generally higher than the construction costs involved with building a new decking. Bricks and pavers can take a considerable amount of time to install, as each paver has to be placed in exactly the right spot. This can factor in to the cost and increase the price of your paving.

Decking Cost Per m| How Much Does Decking Cost?

The average cost for the materials required to build a deck on the other hand is between $120 to $200 per square metre. Decking can also become more expensive when you factor in the maintenance costs. Ideally, you should wash and scrub a timber deck every 3 months, and oil it every 12 months. It also requires sealing. It is however possible to reduce these maintenance costs by purchasing a timber composite deck. This type of decking is much more durable and immune to the warping and deforming that an unmaintained timber deck will experience. It’s specifically manufactured to be resistant to mould, scratching, fading and staining. As a team of decking builders in Melbourne, we guarantee the durability of our composite decks.


Property value

A new decking will also increase the value of your home by a favourable amount, recouping some of your original investment. In many cases, the decking will add significantly more to the value of the property than what the owner paid for it. Undercover decks will further add value to your home, creating a contained outdoor room as an extension of your house. This is highly attractive to many home buyers when built correctly. Paved courtyards on the other hand do not significantly contribute to any increase in property value.

Lifestyle considerations

Whilst cost is a big factor in anyone’s decision making process, you should also consider your lifestyle and which option would suit you best. What do you want to use your new outdoor area for? If you want to use your space to create a place to play basketball or perhaps park your car, paving could be the option you’re looking for. If you want to create an elevated platform to entertain, cook and relax on, an undercover deck could be the perfect choice.

Council permits

Different councils across Victoria have specific guidelines for installing decking and paving. A permit is only required when laying pavers if you are constructing a driveway or some sort of paved area if water runoff is a potential issue. Permits for decking can be a little more complex. You must apply for a building permit and ensure that the balcony is appropriately engineered and documented. The permit can depend on multiple factors, including the size and height of your structure and local regulations. The Victorian Building Association (VBA) states that you should always hire a registered builder to do the work if the cost of the project (including labour and materials) is over $10,000. At Undercover Concepts, we are registered builder, taking care of all the permits and licensing to ensure that you deck is built hassle-free.

Think a new decking is right for you?

At Undercover Concepts, we build cheap decking in Melbourne for clients who are looking for a transformative timber structure that will become the highlight of their backyards. We offer highly competitive prices and we’re more than happy to build you a custom deck that will suit your lifestyle, without breaking the bank. As a team of professional deck builders in Melbourne, we’ve built countless high-quality decks at affordable prices. If you’re thinking about installing a cheap decking in Melbourne or the surrounding suburbs, visit our contact page to request a free quote.

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