8 Reasons Why a Colorbond Steel Pergola is Better Than Timber

8 Reasons Why a Colorbond Steel Pergola is Better Than Timber

In this short article, we are going to discuss 8 reasons why a Colorbond steel pergola is better than timber. You may be thinking about having a brand new pergola built and be tossing up the pros and cons of either Colorbond steel or timber. Our opinion, is that Colorbond steel is much more superior than timber and here are our 8 reasons why.

    1. Colorbond steel pergolas do not need painting and maintenance like timber pergolas do. Timber pergolas whether treated with paint or not are more prone to rotting and bowing meaning that the life of your pergola is shorter than that of a steel pergola. Steel pergolas come in a wide variety of colours you can choose and will not rot out or bow like timber can.
    1. Colorbond steel pergolas come with a long warranty/guarantee. We offer a 15 year material warranty on our Colorbond steel pergolas as well as a 7 year labour warranty. Usually there is little to no material warranty when it comes to timber built pergolas.
    1. Seamless Connections. Colorbond steel pergolas have seamless connections which make them stronger and nicer to look at.
    1. Large spans with less posts. Colorbond steel pergolas can be built with larger spans between the posts because they are usually lighter and stronger than timber pergolas. This means you have more ground-room around your pergola and it looks much nicer.
    1. Modern look. Steel pergolas usually look much more modern than timber pergolas. Especially when time has passed and the colorbond pergola still looks like new whereas timber would start showing signs of wear.
    1. No need to paint. Colorbond pergolas come in a variety of different colours and there is no need to paint them. Unlike timber pergolas which need to be painted/treated every few years or so, colorbond does not need to be repainted or treated. Your new pergola is built in your desired colour and no painting is required.
    1. Uncluttered Look. Colorbond steel pergolas look modern and streamline. They will make your outdoor living space much cleaner looking than most timber pergolas. Having larger spans with less posts means more ground-space around your pergola and less clutter.
    1. Faster construction time. Colorbond pergolas can be built in a much shorter amount of time than a timber pergola. The colorbond parts are pre-fabricated before delivery to your home and erected in a very short time. Timber pergolas require lots of cutting, drilling, screwing and bolting of timber which adds to the construction time. Not to mention timber is much heavier than Colorbond steel so working with it can be harder work.

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